Câu hỏi ôn tập Tiếng Anh 6 - Unit 1: Answer key (Có đáp án)

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  1. a. balcony b. pool c. living room d. garage 16. Adrian: Excuse me, Alex. Do you live in a house? Sarah: No, ___. I live in an apartment. a. I doesn’t b. I don’t c. It is not d. I am not 17. Mai: Do you have any brothers or sisters? Hung: ___. a. Yes, I am b. No, I am not c. No, I do not. I am an only child d. Yes, it is 18. Tuan: Excuse me, Xuan. Where do you live? Xuan: ___. a. I live with my parents b. At a shopping center c. No, with my friends d. I live in District 9 19. Emma: How often do you go to the gym? Toby: ___. a. Not really b. Twice a week c. No matter, please d. Not at all 20. Hugo: What does your father do? Stephen: ___. a. Well, I do gym b. He is an English teacher c. No, I do not know d. Why not? III. WORD FORMATION (1 points) Write the correct form of the words in the brackets. 21. There are many ___ (beauty) landscapes in this village, so it is extremely attractive to tourists. beautiful 22. Living in a town is ___ (differ) from living in a big city. different 23. My grandfather speaks English and Russian very ___ (fluent). fluently 24. His brother is ___ (interest) in going to the gym every morning. interested 25. Mai’s father really likes ___ (prepare) breakfast for members of her family because he can cook well. Preparing IV. LISTENING (2 points) A. Listen and complete the sentences about Jim’s apartment. Write no more than two words and/or a number in each blank. 26. It has ___ bedrooms. (2/two) 27. It has a ___ pool. (small) 28. It ___ a garage. (doesn’t have) 29. There’s a ___ in the basement. (gym) Page 2 of 4
  2. Housework in My Family student does make dishes clean take Today I want to talk about housework in my family. I think I do the most housework in my family. I ___(41) the kitchen every day. I do the___ (42), too. My mom does the shopping. She's a teacher in a school. My sister is a college ___(43). She doesn’t do anything! She doesn’t ___(44) her bed or clean her room. My dad cleans her room after work. He's a chef in a restaurant so he makes dinner. He ___(45) the laundry and cleans the bathroom, too. Hmm. Now, I really think about it, my dad does the most housework. (41. clean 42. dishes 43. student 44. make 45. does) VI. WRITING (1 points) A. Put the words in the correct order to make correct sentences. 46. morning./My parents/in/go jogging/the park/ every ___ Page 4 of 4